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On a professional level, we are a team conformed of talented researchers, tech-enthusiasts, artists and geeks, that always aim for “wow”. We have been connecting for more than 15 years, creating projects with innovative user experience.

Why emphasis on user experience? Frank Lloyd Wright coined the phrase “form and function are one”. Great design is more than just good aesthetics.  And boy we are good at aesthetics.  But it is the way we use objects that make the difference. An iPad or an Eames chair are beautiful by themselves, but you can’t truly appreciate their design until you start using them. It’s only then that you experience all the subtle touches, all the things visible and invisible that make them a great design.  So one touch too many on a website, for example, can change your whole experience.

On a personal level, eco-friendly initiatives are something we in BüroGraphic hold close to our hearts. As a reinforcement of our personal commitment to green living, we strive to be a paperless office, reuse our waste, and create our own promotions out of repurposed material. We are committed to integrating this green lifestyle in our work and applying it to all facets of marketing and design challenges we take on.

We always strive to make a big impact with our designs.  “Wow”, will you say.

We look forward to helping you meet your graphic design needs. No matter what your ambition, we have the sustainable solution to meet it.

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Our letter of recommendation is the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients: